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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Super Saiyan Series #3

So, in the ever continuing Saiyan Illustration Series, the Original Sketch turned out to be a great launch for my latest series of avatars. This Image is the next step in the process. Instead of merely scanning the sketch for this go round, I slipped the sketch onto a light board, and inked a "clean" copy on another piece of paper, then scanned it in.

Earth Background
Space Background

Namekian Background

I put the inked version to the side temporarily to work with my more "sketchy" version. I did three variations, an earth background, a space background, and a Namekian background based on the landscape of Planet Namek.

I had to draw in the clouds and a Namekian landscape to complete the overall loose feel of the two images, then I added the appropriate color fills and effects to finish them.

The space background was pure Photoshop fun! I picked the star field up from some old school notes I had taken a while back, and I actually just played with various effects and shapes to create the planets. I love "playing around" and seeing what I can accomplish! ;)

Avatar Montage
After I had created each version, I decided to put them together in a bit of a Warhol-esque montage. Turning simple illustration into high end pop art. Cool, huh! I am willing to sell some prints!

Final Vectorized Version
Once I had played around with my sketches enough, I picked up the inked version and set to work to complete it. Illustrator makes this task pretty easy and fun. I did some color fills with the Live Paint function, and added some slight shadows. I found a font that replicates the DragonBall Z font very well and stretched some of the letters to fit the image. I had to do some work and hook the "O" up to make it look wore like the DragonBall in the original font. For the background I took the "sea" from the earth sketch, then I used a Cloud Tutorial from one of my favorite design tutorial websites to give it the same feel as the main image.

This is phase 3. Phase 4 of the series is already done and I'll be posting it soon, so stay tuned!

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