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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Donut Men

So to continue in our tradition of Food Adventures, Josh, Grant and I decided to take a break from our Ramen House expeditions and go for some dessert. The choice this time around was pretty easy as we had been talking about visiting The Donut Man for sometime now.

The Donut Man

My personal experience prior to this one was mostly word of mouth and a little internet research. What I kept hearing and seeing were the words "Fresh Fruit" and "Tiger Tails", so for this run, I already had in mind what I was going to was now just a matter of getting there. For this run we were facing rain, hail and the dreaded LA traffic...No Problem!

Customers out in the rain
So on to the proverbial 'meat' of the story...

Strawberry Donut
Again, since I already knew what to expect, my eyes went straight to the window that housed these delicious treats. I was really hoping that there would be some left since these are seasonal and in high demand, and Oh Glory! there were some available and they were super fresh! I wish I had started the video earlier so you all could see the looks on the faces of Josh & Grant when they saw the strawberry donuts! (I can imagine the looks on YOUR faces now! Haha!)

Donut Man Donut racks WITH
chocolate covered strawberries!
Strawberry Donut Rack

The great part about what I saw was that every donut on the rack looked like they had just been placed out there for us to consume just a few minutes before our arrival. (Mind you we started this Food Adventure at about 7pm.) There were cake donuts with various flavors and colors, stately and pristine looking french crullers deliciously decorated in flavorful frostings. Old fashioned donuts dressed in their traditional garb of glazed and chocolate coats (and a few 'naked' ones too!) sat on display with rows of luscious chocolate strawberries, and possibly the most interesting of the menagerie, were the inside out creme donuts with raspberry swirl designs! I could have purchased them all, but I had to stay focused. Strawberry Donuts and Tiger Tails on this run!

Grant completing his order with a chocolate milk
"I guess that's a dollar..." Lol
 This was a really nice run. The three of us hadn't been together in quite some time, especially on a food run, so this was quite fun! I do enjoy giving the fellas "The Business" as we say.
Josh grabbing a couple of napkins...I think one of
them had the associate's number on it!

Josh was being all camera shy tonite, so unfortunately ladies, you don't get to see his handsome face...which may be a good thing, cuz you might fall in love! Hahaha!

One of the cool things we got to do was watch as the next batch of donuts were being made. There are two picture windows that flank either side of the building, and it's through these that we got to see several batches of dough go through the process of becoming various different donuts. It's like watching an episode of Discovery's "How It's Made" live! Enjoy the video...and us being silly! 

Making Tiger Tails
Now as stated earlier, the other donut that the Donut Man is famous for are the Tiger Tails. Admittedly, I had not had a Tiger Tail before this run. (Shame, I know!) For those who were like I was, A Tiger Tail basically is a twist donut with a streak of chocolate in it. They're long and have a bulbous end, which mimics the tail of a tiger. 

The Finished Tiger Tail
These were quite tasty! Soft, flaky, soft and sweet with just a touch of chocolate in every bite! No being the notoriously slow eater that I am, I was able to savor every bite. It felt like I was eating about a mile's length of donut because these are longer than your average twist donut!

Crumb, Cruller, and Cake donuts
in various stages of completion.
 The Donut Man really had it poppin on this night, and since they're a 24/7 kind of place, I'm sure they have it poppin every night! We all agreed that we would be back since there were so many other donuts to try, and we would DEFINITELY come back in the summer time when Peach will be the featured seasonal fruit! Imagine that donut filled with sweet juicy peaches....Mmmmm!

Through rain, hail, cold, darkness, and dreaded LA Traffic, we will press on towards the next Food Adventure. Until then,

Happy Eating!

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  1. So totally awesome, damn right they're the best doughnuts anywhere. You noticed that the doughnuts are always fresh, that's because they're constantly rolling out new ones. I have been there at 2:00 a.m. on my bike and there have been lines outside. During the Summer you can swing by in the night, day, early morning and there are people parked on the grass eating doughnuts talking with strangers. Donut Man is a local treasure enjoyed by people around the world who hear about it. It's got a world-wide cult following. Thanks for the photos!