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Friday, August 17, 2012

Cinnamon Roll Waffles with the King

The latest adventure for my alter ego "The Waffle King" has been a surprisingly unique, yet easy recipe. I had come across this one while looking through my fiancé's Pinterest pins. How she found this, I don't know, but there before me was a golden brown delicious looking Cinnamon Roll waffle all drizzled with sweet creamy frosting! Since It made me drool all over my laptop, I had to give it a whirl, so, here we go!

Adventures in a land of cinnamon with The Waffle King!

Cinnamon Roll meets Waffle!

So for starters, let me just reference where I found the recipe. I have to give props where props is due, so thanks to the good people at Love from the Oven for sharing what I'm sharing with you. (Great work Christi!)

Butter Cream frosting. Who wants to lick a beater?

This was the first deviation from Love from the Oven's recipe that I did. The original called for Duncan Hines' frosting creations as the frosting, but since the store I went to only had the cinnamon flavor and not the starter, I decided to make my own from scratch. Besides, why should I pay extra for frosting when I had the ingredients to make my own already at the house? I just pulled an easy recipe from All The Perfect Cinnamon Roll Icing Recipe

The process of course is all waffle king. I got the iron out and went to work. Since I make a habit of cleaning my irons shortly after I finish cooking, all I had to to was pull it out, give it a quick wipe down, and get ta cookin!

Finished product

So I paired my newest recipe acquisition with some old favorites scrambled eggs, Canadian maple bacon, and a tall glass of sweet delicious POG!

Up close and delicious

The Spread
I just had to take some shots to showcase my photography skills. I still would like to get a food photography gig at some point. ;) Who knows, as I'm building this mini portfolio, it may turn into something big in the end...I just have to get another regular sized camera as mine was stolen along with my car in January. But that's a story for another blog...

First Bite

Well, what can I say? Using cake mix to make waffles doesn't necessarily produce as crispy a waffle as I like, but when you take into consideration that cinnamon rolls aren't crispy, these were perfect! Warm, soft and perfect! I think in the icing came out great although I will drop a little cinnamon in the next batch, and as great as it looks on the waffles themselves, I think these would be best dipped in the icing and eaten!

These will definitely make it on the Waffle King's regular circuit! Just be ready for a few more twists and tweaks in the batches to come!