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ATP Design Works

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Super Saiyan Ron Version 1

What if I were a Saiyan? 
I do love Akira Toriyama's legendary series Dragon Ball Z. In it the hero, Goku, belongs to a warrior race called 'Saiyans', that hail from a planet called Vegeta. Goku grows up on earth, and becomes its greatest hero, saving the planet numerous times from various villains. since this is not a blog post about Dragon Ball Z, I'll leave off with just the basics, and simply state that this drawing is a pencil sketch inspired by Toriyama's style. It's pretty rough, but has a very nice feel to it, and it may work it's way into my avatar repertoire in this state. I'm already looking to do a colorized version of it, but that'll be a drawing for another day. Till then enjoy this!

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