ATP Design Works

ATP Design Works

Friday, June 25, 2010

Logo workin

The Basic Logo

So I'm currently on a logo design project. This isn't the actual name of the company, but the comps are similar to what my latest client might choose. I started from a simple sketch in my sketchbook, ( I'll have to get another soon, this one's just about full!) and then took the designs to Illustrator and worked them up. The client gave me some specifics, like the color, sub tag font style and shape, but left the rest up to me. As I worked I realized I had to limit what my mind was spewing out as the variations are almost endless!  This isn't the client"s name, I just used one of my many monikers as a place holder. Enjoy the work thus far! Oh, and YES, I'm for hire!
One of my favorites with the graphic lines
Another favorite, I like the "juicy" look to the gear.

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