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Monday, May 17, 2010

Foodie Run The Slaw Dogs

It has been a while, but I was due for another food run, and I 
couldn't get The Slaw Dogs off my mind since I first learned of their 
existence a couple of months ago. If this us your first exposure to 
one if my food blogs, then I have to say that I like to eat, travel, 
and try new foods. Perfect combo for a foodie like myself with, what I 
like to refer to as, an Inner Fat Man! I know of several good spots 
out here already, and am always comin across more. This one came via 
Twitter. I followed and really enjoyed what they were talkin about, 
and decided I had to try it for myself.
Pasadena is not usually in my circle of driving, but it's not like it 
was horribly far away. After double checking the address, I zoomed off 
to pick up my fave nurse, gf, and wing-girl on this escapade, Ro, and 
we headed out in search of food. Leavin after 12 ensured we would miss 
the lunch rush, and after a nice ride on the 110fwy through scenic 
downtown, LA and its famous skyline, after riding by through South 
, & by Old Town Pasadena, and passing up the parking lot, we 
finally arrived, & with an appetite!
Now, as we walked up I noticed that there was a pretty sweet lookin 
cupcake shop called PolkaTots across the way, but I had to resist, and 
press on. Having dodged the lunch run, there were just a handful of 
patrons inside, so we cozied up with a menu, and looked carefully over 
each item. I decided on the ABLT Dog and we shared a basket of fries & 
sweet potato fries & a couple of Cokes. We sat at a booth against the 
wall, and after a very short wait, our food arrived. Now the ABLT Dog 
is pretty much what it's described as. Avocado double Bacon Lettuce, & 
Tomato, all served on a pure beef Vienna Dog with a pickle & mayo, in 
between a warm fresh bun.
All together, that was one tasty dog! 
There's something about the flavors of BLTs that, to me, just mix so 
well on my tongue, and when added to the pure beef goodness of that 
dog, it was quite wonderful! Needless to say, with the appetites that 
we brought in, those dogs didn't stand a chance, and were gone far to 
quickly. The fries (sweet potato & regular) were a good side, but 
nothing to get excited about, I've had better.
So we thought the end of those tasty dogs were the end of the 
adventure, but the call of PolkaTots was too great, and we stopped in 
for some mini cupcakes. Ro got a pistachio cupcake cleverly named The 
Lucky Charms, and I got the Dulce de Leche aka The Dolcissimo, and 
talk about GOOD! Such flavor packed into such a small thing. Absolute 
I'll have to go back for another, but for now we had to get 
cross town to catch Sprinkles' offer of a free cupcake to all nurses 
for Nurses' Day. After driving, or more like ducking and dodging LA 
traffic, we arrived in Beverly Hills, just in time to get free parking 
right in front of Sprinkles! As we entered their frosted glass door 
the scents of chocolate cake and sweet frosting greeted us, and we 
hurried to the counter to place our order. I went with the lemon 
cupcake, Ro got the red velvet, and her free Nurse Cupcake was the 
chocolate marshmallow with chocolate gnache. The lemon cupcake was 
tasty, not quite as tasty as their seasonal key lime, but still tasty.
The red velvet was as good as always, but that chocolate marshmallow 
was a surprise and a half! It had a nice choco/cocoa flavor mix with 
the cake and ganache, but the marshmallow was added to the CENTER of 
the cake! I was immediately reminded of a Hostess Cupcake, but on a 
whole other level! It was a perfect way to end this Food Adventure.
See ya next run!

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