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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Legend of The Waffle King

Let it be told, I grew up eating pancakes. Most of my earliest memories involved them. From my grand ma making them when I stayed with her, to her getting up early in the morning, picking me up and taking me to McDonald's when me and my mom moved, to my first attempts to make them on my own. It's been about pancakes. Then one day, I discovered waffles. I'm not sure exactly when, but but waffles came on the scene, but since then, I've been all about the waffles! The unfortunate part for me was that, due to lack of a waffle iron in the home, and me being too young to up and run to a local waffle joint (well to be honest, there weren't any waffle joints in my hood. I woulda had to drive to a whole other area for that.) waffles didn't really get to get a hold of me to a little later.
Roscoe's Famous Waffle

Waffle from The Serving Spoon in Inglewood
My first memorable waffle was at my friend's house. His grand dad used to make these out of sight waffles that always had us asking for more! It took me forever to figure out his secret ingredient! :) The next one that really stands out in my mind was at The Rusty Harpoon on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was Belgian style, one of my first since the Belgian waffles, had not as yet, become so popular. What really put it over the top, then, was the chocolate and carob chips! Up until this point, I had not yet realized that so much more can be done to and with a waffle, than just a basic batter then topping it with butter and syrup. There was a whole other world of waffle out there, and I was missing it! Since then, I have enjoyed getting out in this waffle world and experiencing what it has to offer. Some of my favorite spots are Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles, The Serving Spoon, and The Waffle House, with their delicious chocolate chip waffles. The Waffle house being a true food adventure because there are NONE in Southern Cali!

The Waffle House Chocolate Chip Waffle
Since then, and my first waffle iron and waffle cookbook, I've been on a tear making and experimenting with various mixes and flavors, recipes and whispered secret ingredients. I had always had an interest and a knack for baking, so when it came to making waffles, it seemed a natural transition. Being the artist that I am, some of my creations can get quite creative! Once I made what came to be one of my favorite and signature waffles, the oatmeal strawberry waffle, I was dubbed "The Waffle King" by those close to me.

Costco's Waffle doctored with strawberry cream cheese and fresh strawberries and a hint of cinnamon
The moniker really solidified once I got on the irons at the church's Mother's Day Breakfast. The men of the church fix breakfast for all the mothers and ladies on Mother's Day, and waffles were added to the menu about 4 years ago, and I was called into action. All were quite pleased. This past Mother's Day was no exception. All who ate said this was the best batch yet! It featured the signature Waffle King Waffle, the chocolate chip variation, and this year, the oatmeal waffle with the chocolate chip variation! It was a great great time on the irons, but next year I'll be upgrading my Chefmate iron to something that cooks better. That was not a good iron to make waffles with. My first waffle iron, the Toastmaster 222s is still goin strong and making some great waffles, but need a companion for these breakfasts, so more people can enjoy one of the Waffle King's hot ,golden brown, toasty creations!

As time goes on the Legend of The Waffle King grows, and I am already plotting my next batch. Butterscotch chips? Peanut butter? Cookie dough? Which will be next? Stay tuned to this blog and find out!
*Two Finger Peace Sign*

-Photography by me, Ron Tatum
The Waffle King's Signature Waffle


  1. Yum! So that's where The Waffle King comes from! Tasty!

  2. Love waffle! And we love to put lot and lots ice cream too :)