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ATP Design Works

Thursday, November 10, 2011

VOG Concert 2011 Flier

The OFFICIAL flier for the Voices Of Glory 2011 Gospel concert "I Won't Turn Back" utilizing original photography, and type placement and manipulation in Photoshop.

The photo was from one of the back roads we were on somewhere north of Deception Bay when the Island Breeze guys and I went pig hunting in Australia. I had stay with the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) group during my first week or so of my mission trip, and this second time was an unplanned stay for me which I thoroughly enjoyed! On the morning I was to leave, I was informed that the guys were going to hunt pigs so they could prepare a feast for the graduates of the program, so how could I NOT go? We headed out and after a couple of stops, a redirection, and a few wrong turns, we ended up at a huge farm off of an isolated road. I stepped out on to they highway and was in awe of the scenery that stretched before me. When I lined the shot up I knew I was going to have use for it some way, and in some capacity. I just had no idea it was going to be like this! Wow! Several people have even commented that this is a professional grade photo. (Technically it is, but I understood what they meant. *wink*) I mean I'm not against a company like Getty Images buying this from me or anything. *Hint Hint*

The title type treatment is a distort effect used to simulate the road paint on the highways. I used several effects and used red to add emphasis to the overall message. All in all this is definitely an image dominated flier with type as a support element.

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