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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Harvest Fest 2011 Flier and T Shirt

Harvest Fest 2011 T Shirt Design
I had fun with this design as a whole. I got to do a little research on the images, break out the olde graph paper, and then played with the placement. The style is something that is not new to me, but one that I haven't used in a while as a "finished" piece.

After a quick scan and a couple of image adjustments in Photoshop, I dropped it in Illustrator and went to work. since the T Shirt deadline was due I started that one first. Originally I converted it to the wrong live trace format which cause my progress to be slow initially, but once I figured out what I had done, I just started from the beginning (Thank God it was only black & white!) and finished it in the amount of time that I had been mucking around with the bad format.

After the T Shirt was approved, I did a colorized version for use a the flier, which was fun considering that I got to play with a full color palette. I do have a few variations that I didn't go with, but may at some point make a montage of the "prints".
Harvest Fest 2011 Flier by Ron San Kyuu Ban
Harvest Fest 2011 Flier, a photo by Ron San Kyuu Ban on Flickr.

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