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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Twitter Cookie Party

Each month my "Taste Buds" and I have what has been dubbed as a Twitter Food Party. What generally happens is someone decides on a food, or ingredient, and then on the last Monday of the month, we share our interpretation of the topic. Fun stuff! This month's topic is Cookies, and since I have been enjoying baking cookies since I was a little guy, I was definitely all over this one!

As things turned out, during this stint of me trying to eek out a living doing freelance art and design work, I was able to catch an episode of one of Paula Deen's cooking shows. as usual, she just makes everything looks absolutely yummy! This time, I was more focused on the signature dessert. Oatmeal raisin cookies. Now the way these shows do things, they'll tease the most tantalizing parts to make sure the viewers stick around, so I had to wait to see what they were teasing about those cookies.

So, like the show, I'm gonna tease you a bit. Enjoy the process of my Twitter Cookie Party Submission!

Off to a good start

As I stated earlier, I saw this on Paula Deen. For the actual recipe, you can follow this link:

Fluffy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I did take some liberties on the recipe though, nothing too major. Since my all time favorite cookie is an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, A substitution of the chocolate chips for the raisins was called for, and since i just like what ground cloves can do, I added an eighth of a teaspoon to the mix.

Fresh from the oven
Too bad you cant smell how good these are!

Cookies are done!

This whole process was easy and fun. I adjusted the cooking time and oven tempts accordingly since our oven's thermometer had a mind of its own, and voila! Step one was done. At this point in the show, we would break for commercial, and leave you wondering what the other things in this picture have to do with this plate of golden brown deliciousness. I won't hold you in suspense that long, I'll just let your imagination do that for you as I put in a little production note: Place Commercial Here

Pre Production, Production, Post Production

Now here is where everything just gets all kinds of good. As I watched the show return from commercial break I saw something that was so simple, yet so awesome. The addition of chocolate sauce, nuts, and marshmallow fluff! My inner fat man was jumping for joy! So you can imagine my excitement as I set about to put it all together. It was all I could do to keep from eating the marshmallow fluff and chocolate by themselves! On the episode, Paula used a mixture of nuts, but I just stuck with my favorite, pecans.

Finished product

Beautiful production color contrast

I had to break out my big camera to take these photos. Though I love the camera on my Blackberry Tour, it just wasn't gonna do the job today!

This cookie sandwich turned out absolutely delicious! Even if you only go for the cookies themselves, this is definitely a delicious end of a meal, or just something to feed your inner fat man or your inner fat gal. It's an easy recipe, and there is a lot of room to get all kinds of crazy adding things to it. I saw some caramel chips in the store that I may have to try out on the next go round... *wink* 
Thanks for reading, and drooling!