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ATP Design Works

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Website Workin

So this is just a progress report on the development of my website.
I am currently designing my own personal site, and what I'm finding to be most difficult at this juncture is not keep changing my mind on how i want it to look. So far my color palate has been confirmed, and the general layout came to me in a vision a couple of weeks ago, as I sat in my Flash for web design class.
Doing research of other cool websites keeps me brimming with ideas, even though those ideas keep me tweaking my designs more!
The real issue for me though is "To Flash or not to Flash" Flash Websites are the most eye catching websites around, and for obvious reasons. I mean, if one is presented with a static website and a Flash based website, with all of its motion, and changes, the natural draw will be for the Flash site. As humans we pick up motion and follow it. Call it primal response, call it genetic make up, whatever, we still do it. So to work in Flash would seem to be an easy answer, and seeing how I am skilled in it, it would be no problem to do, however, there is one big reason that keeps me close to Dreamweaver as my base. Not everyone can see Flash websites! It seems as though in this time of super computer processors that can fit on your lap, high speed Internet connections, monitors that display millions of colors (even a new one that reportedly has added yellow in the RGB color scale!) and ultra high end graphics, that everyone would be able to see a Flash website, but the sad fact is that, while this may all be true, there are those who cannot see them.  If you doubt my word, just try and view a flash website on an iPhone, or iPod touch. Working with an old Internet browser? No Flash viewing for you my friend.
My solution, therefore is to base mine in Dreamweaver, and sprinkle it with Flash. It's gonna be extra work, but should pay off in the end. In the meantime, my other issue is that since I am a big illustrator, I want the site to be heavy with my illustrations. As i transform more into a perfectionist each day, I find myself creating, changing, deleting, and recreating images to get the pest possible feel for the look I'm trying to pull off. Fun stuff, but very time consuming.
Anyhow enjoy the "sneak peeks" of my artwork, and I'll keep crackin on the site...Just as soon as I eat. My Inner Fat Man is talkin to me!

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